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It was in the 60's that longtime Setter enthusiast Harry Bensen drove south to watch Flaming Star compete in Alabama. The dog was lost soon after the breakaway. Mr. Harry told Collier Smith, "...that was the most exciting minute and thirty seconds he had ever seen". And so, Mr. Harry set out to breed FLAMING STAR into his NESNEB SETTERS.

CH Flaming Star


Much like a proverbial flaming star, his field trial performances were brilliant but often cut very short. This grandson of CH Commander's Hightone Beau out of Turnto's Hightone Pete and Miss Boo's Loch, seldom made it around the course yet he had the stuff legends are made of and won a pair of ALL AGE PRAIRIE CHAMPIONSHIPS for master trainer/handler Herman Smith of Alabama as an 8 year old, when the Setter star was waning... Living until the ripe age of 16, his major contribution to Setterdom came as a producer. Especially through his daugthers when crossed onto Mr. Thor and Toronado blood. Flaming Star was possessed of undiminishable stamina able to withstand excessive heat and still find birds. He stamped his get with those qualities plus desire for hunting seldom seen before him. Everyone thought they broke the mold when FLAMING STAR was made BUT Harry Bensen/NESNEB KENNELS and Steve Henrikson/OUTBACK KENNELS of Delaware both carried his legacy into the future for the rest of us to enjoy!




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