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BlueBell Slugger



Bluebell Slugger or ROCKET to those that knew him as a youngster before Dom Preite acquired him from his breeder and developer Steve Henrikson, was a superb youngster. He was special from the very beginning. Taking notice as a puppy, he always was into birds, running and hunting the front, finding covies of native Delmarva Bobwhites in every outing. Even though he had 22 field trial placements, his major contribution came as a stud dog ESPECIALLY when crossed onto a pair of Grouse Ridge bitches. Even though bred sparingly he managed to produce CH Smokescreen and CH Bluebell Jackie. Smokescreen was a sterling bitch whose career was cut short but not before she produced CH Gridiron. Jackie's illustrous career as a winner is complemented by her own contribution of CH Stone Tavern Matrix. And so, ROCKET proved himself not only to look like his forbearer Flaming Star but also a GREAT producer of pre-potent bitches.



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