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Champaign Trails


Champ - aign  [sham - peyn]

noun  -  1.  level, wide open country


Dr. G. started it all for me.  Dr. G (Jack) came to us as a young dog from Dick Straub who owned and campaigned multiple champion Dr. Ray.  Jack was a bird finding machine and truly filled any country he was turned loose in.  


Forerunner (Reba) came to us from Texas.  Bred by Lou Gleber and Terry Tully.  Reba was a tightly bred Sunrise dog and brought that leggy stylish look that was magic in motion.


One of the things that has kept me intrigued with these dogs is the fact that they point early and break easily.  Both Jack and Bucky were winning derby stakes while still puppies.  There is no foolishness about them .  When they go out to find birds they do it right.  Staunch and stylish with nothing but business on their minds.  When they do make a mistake, they take correction well and that is probably the last time they will do it.  One they learn it, they remember it.  Honest bird dogs is how It would have to be described.


Dr. G was in a trial one time and we lost him.  He was found 2 braces later, buried in a fencerow and we had ridden by him.  He must have stood those birds for over an hour.  That is the way his offspring have been.  They will stand until you find them.   Bucky is already displaying the same tendencies his grandpa did.


We would like to thank Dom Preite for developing BlueBell Slugger or the young "Rocket" as he was called after seeing him run in Delaware and a thank you to Pete Flanagan for recognizing the potential stud dog.  Those two gentlemen collaborated on several breedings that have certainly brought many smiles to the owners of the pups they produced.  I along with many others have benefited from their foresight.   The list is a long one and still growing today with many winning progeny on the stakeouts of some of the top trainers in the country.  Barbaro, Blue Bell Promise, Strike Zone, and Iron Hawk are just some of the youngsters that are just getting started.  The future is bright because of Pete and Dom!


Ancester Table for BlueBell Slugger           BlueBell Slugger Pedigree


The Slugger infusion added a dimension that makes these dogs stand out.  Truman Cowles saw Sugar go one time in New England and afterward he asked where she came from and who she was out of.  When I told him, his only comment was "I knew it from the time she hit the ground."  He had also mentioned that if Slugger had been breed more or won a championship, he would have changed the face of english setters in this country.  Light-footed and high-headed are the best descriptions for them.  Intelligence is another component and that shows in that they adjust their pattern to what you are doing and the cover ahead of them.   There are several daughters of his today that are producing some very nice animals.  Smokescreen and Bluebell Jackie were both multiple Champions, but died very young. 


Slugger is from a line of AA dogs that Harry Benson bred, "Nesneb", in Delaware.  He goes back to crosses of Flaming Star and Tobacco Road.    Slugger was a linebred Nesneb setter from the Heart of Harry's breeding program.  Mr. Harry was a stalwart setter enthusiast originally from New Jersey, retired to Delaware in the 70's.  He was winning trials in the early 30's.  He died a few years back.  His dogs were campaigned by Collier Smith, hence the Flaming Star connection.   He crossed with Brian Sullivan's Grouse Ridge Billyboy.  


It has always been my belief that a dog should point feathers and do it right.  The folks who have my pups hunt different parts of the country and they all tell me the same thing; "They are great bird dogs no matter what the game they are pursuing".  I don't care what we are after they had better get it right.  I took Dr. G to Vermont to my brother's place when he was a young dog.  He had never seen a wild bird and within 3 days he was handling grouse as well as any other youngster that trip.


Grouse Ridge Setters also has two competitors today in Grouse Ridge Jerry and Grouse Ridge Spencer that also exhibit the BlueBell Slugger influence in their pedigrees that can be viewed at www.grouseridgesetters.com.  The female brings a lot to the table and the Grouse Ridge females crossed well with the Rocket blood.  Grouse Ridge Midge was a littermate to Future Force and along came Smokescreen.


Matrix has had a big influence and is out of Clark's Black Copper and Bluebell Jackie.  Grid Iron's dam is Smokescreen out of Slugger as well.


We are campaigning some nice dogs right now.  A winning son of Bergen's Cadillac Jack and Shameless is Champaign Spirit Walk.  Owned by Bob Hughes out of Pottstown, Pennsylvania.


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